Cash for cars


Earn quick and easy cash by selling your old, used, or junk car through our junk car removal services in Calgary. Call us for no obligation quote 587-500-2908

I buy all types of junk and unwanted cars, if you have one taking up valuable space and its becoming an eyesore give me a call I come with cash in hand. 


unwanted scrap cars 

junk car removal


get rid of old car 

We buy scrap cars, vans,trucks, any old vehicle you may want to get rid of. It’s a win-win, we’ll scrap your car and give you top dollar to boot! Scrap Car Removal Calgary offers junk scrap car pickup in Calgary.

Costly repairs

Was your vehicle in an accident and the damage exceeds its worth? Maybe the transmission failed and it no longer moves on its own power? Whatever the situation is,running or not give me a call I buy cars, trucks, vans or anything on wheels cash on the spot.

We Provide Top Dollar For All Your Junk Car Removal Needs

Whether you want to save cost on used car repair or sell your old car before moving, at Southside Towing Cash For Cars, we offer fast cash for junk car removal services in Calgary.

Save Money On Car Expenses

Repairing your old car might cost less, but selling it is wise if it isn't worth the repair bills. If the car repair costs after an accident or malfunction exceed more than the car's value, then it is better to sell it off.

With our cash for car services, you can save cost on repairs and even get some money on the spot to contribute to your next car purchase.

Yard cleanup

Too many cars in the yard and they are becoming an eyesore? Maybe you just want to get rid of one to focus on another project? Moving to another house or city and dont want to keep lugging a project around? 

 Restore Your Yard’s Curbside Appeal

An old, depreciated car parked in your garage or front yard is never a great look. So, get rid of the junk cars that become an eyesore, and make your yard look neater, tidier and more aesthetically pleasing. The best part? You get cash while you are at it.


Maybe you just got fed up of  the old junker and you got a new one and now's the time to sell it. Parking and insurance is at a premium in Calgary don't get jacked by bylaw give me a call for easy money and a stress free transaction.

Clear Out Your Old Car

Whether you are planning to buy a new car or have already bought one and need to get rid of the old, used vehicle, we are here to help you. With our cash for junk car services, you won't spend any money transporting your old scrap car and making space for your new one. Instead, get instant cash and make arrangements to celebrate your new car by selling your old, used car to us. 

Cash For Any Vehicle